God and Golf, who knew?

My husband and I have been living in Kentucky now for about 8 months now. While we have learned to love the slower pace of life here, it’s starkly different than my hometown in South Florida.

One of the most obvious differences is that we’re now in the Bible Belt.

When we first moved here and met someone new, the conversation almost certainly lead to the question: Have you found a church yet?

This level of confidence and expectation of faith was so unfamiliar to me when we first arrived here that I was constantly amazed. Religion isn’t taboo to talk about and it most certainly is not off limits. It didn’t matter what denomination you belonged to, it just mattered that you found your new church home. What a cool community to be surrounded by.

Since we’ve been here for a few months though, the newness of this has worn off some. However, today something new happened that makes me overflow with happiness.

Sean had the day off from classes and since the weather was a gorgeous 70 degrees and sunny, he decided to go golfing. He happened to be playing right in front of an older man, who was also golfing alone, so Sean asked if he’d like to play with him.

The man, Stanley, gladly agreed and the two apparently chatted the whole time.

When Sean got home from playing, I could tell he had an awesome time based on his mood alone. He told me all about how he played and what he learned about Stanley. Sean also mentioned that in typical Bible Belt fashion, Stanley asked Sean about our faith and if we were Christians.

While that makes me smile, that’s not what’s filling my cup…

What really has me sitting in awe is that at the end of their round of golf, Stanley asked Sean if they could share a word of prayer together.

How incredible is it that this man was so confident and comfortable in his faith that he wanted to engage in fellowship with Sean, a complete stranger, at the end of a great round of golf?

I am so impressed by this community’s ability to intertwine faith into every aspect of life, not just on Sundays. And in such a fearless manner!

Although I don’t anticipate we’ll be here beyond Sean’s time in school, I look forward to all the other things life in the Bible Belt will teach me while we’re here.

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