Notre Dame, from dust to dust

Like millions of others around the world, my heart breaks at the thought of the destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Photo taken from: When I think about how much this cathedral survived since its construction over 850 years ago, it's incredulous to think that an accidental fire could be the force … Continue reading Notre Dame, from dust to dust

Whoa… that’s a bit suggestive.

Earlier today while scrolling through my feed on Instagram, I came across a picture that kind of made me go "huh." Let's be clear - this isn't the first time I've ever thought "Gee, I probably wouldn't have posted that," but this one actually provoked some thoughts I wanted to share with you all. The … Continue reading Whoa… that’s a bit suggestive.

God’s plan > our plan

My husband received some pretty big news today that's worth celebrating. Sean is currently attending graduate school for I/O psychology (for us non-psych people, it's a form of business psych so think corporate HR, not counseling). As part of his program, he's required to complete a summer internship. This has been a huge area of … Continue reading God’s plan > our plan

Funked up.

Lately I feel like I've been in a funk. I just feel unmotivated and overwhelmed. But at the same time my mind is swarming. Do you ever feel like that? If I'm being honest with myself, I know exactly why I'm in a funk.... - I'm pre-sick (you know... that feeling when you can tell … Continue reading Funked up.

It’s ok to change your mind.

Have you ever felt one way and then later decided you felt a different way? It could be something simple... like maybe one day you say chocolate ice cream is your favorite, then later you decide mint chocolate chip is. Or maybe it's something more serious, like you chose to go to law school but … Continue reading It’s ok to change your mind.

Your Opinion? It’s none of my business.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think one of the biggest struggles facing our generation is the unquenchable need for social acceptance and approval. Honestly, I think social media is much to blame for this phenomenon too. Think about it - MySpace had us ranking our Top 8 friends back in … Continue reading Your Opinion? It’s none of my business.

The Prodigal Project

PSA: I am a prodigal daughter. Like the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), I lost my way. While I didn't necessarily squander my wealth like the prodigal son, I did (and often times still do) place too much value on material things and peer validation. In a sense, you can say I squandered my … Continue reading The Prodigal Project