Meet Missy

Thanks for visiting The Prodigal Project! I’m Missy. I’m a twenty-something woman who, like many others, has faced challenges that caused me to strayed away from my religious beliefs. This blog is intended to serve as a community for individuals who, like myself, have struggled to embrace religion in a modern-millennial driven world.

During college, I let my faith fall to the wayside while I embraced a “lavish life”, often times driven by the need for social validation from my peers. However, when faced with the struggles of the “real world” as a young adult, I found my way back God and sought true comfort. I, like the prodigal son, made my way back home where I belong and am continuing to better my relationship with God one step at a time.

While it is certainly not true for all in our generation, my experience as a millennial has been riddled with social pressures to “forget” my religious upbringing. I did not have the tools necessary to allow myself to stand tall in my faith and often succumbed to silence. My goal for The Prodigal Project is to connect with others about faith and discover what the looks like in a modern world, where “positive vibes” are seen as more valuable than prayers.

I hope you follow along and share in this community!